You Captured Me

You captured me so easily,
Simple conversations,
The ease I feel talking to you,
The ease of being with you,
The ease of the smiles,
The ease of a heart full,
Something about you draws me near,
Surprising my heart more and more,
Never once would I have thought to seek you,
Never thinking it could be true,
That you are the one I’ve been waiting for,
Wanting and wishing for,
And yet here we are,
From the first moment,
I knew in my heart the difference,
But could have never imagined,
How beautiful this life can truly be,
When you find an inspiration so true,
Words and emotions that flow,
Flow so easily when I am with you,
A warmth unlike no other,
Giving me more than I could have dreamed,
You have captured my heart,
You have captured every smile,
Leaving me speechless,
Leaving me breathless,
Leaving my heart racing,
Wishing to never leave your side,
Wanting to be with you always,
To be home in your arms,
And to hold you to my heart,
My dreams and life now filled,
With adoration,
With hope,
With a growing love,
That has seeped into my heart,
And runs through my soul,
Runs through my veins,
Into every inch of me,
You captured my heart,
Won without a battle,
Won without hesitation,
And drew me to you so easily,
Bringing a new found beauty,
A new found hope,
A new found love,
That I felt was lost within myself,
But now that you have captured my heart,
I feel a depth of love,
Like never before.
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