Strong Warm Arms

Strong warm arms encircle me,
Wrapping me up into your embrace,
Here I feel safe and warm,
Never wanting to leave your side,
Long I have waited for this,
This true complete feeling of bliss,
Wanting it to never end or fade,
Wanting to just build it stronger,
Every single day,
Wanting you to know how much you mean,
And how happy you have made me each moment,
Each moment that I have come to know you,
Each moment that I have grown with you,
Brings me stronger and stronger into these emotions,
Strong warm arms encircle me,
Protecting me from all the world,
Protecting me from everything that could hurt me,
You have brighten my life in so many ways,
Giving me something to truly be happy about,
Something to truly have joy about,
Something to truly feel in the depth of my heart,
Something that has brought me joy unending,
Because you my darling are the most amazing person,
That has walked into my life,
And has grabbed and captured my heart,
And makes me the happiest I have ever felt,
You bring me so much joy and love,
That I cannot stop smiling,
I love you my darling,
And want to be embraced by your strong warm arms,
Embraced completely by your heart,
And the love you have given me,
You are my one and only my darling,
And I look forward to the journey we are on,
Carrying us through to every moment,
That we are together,
Strong warm arms encircle me,
Bringing me deeper and deeper within,
Deeper within this warmth,
Within this embrace,
Hold me tight my darling,
Never let me go,
And always encircle those strong warm arms,
Around tightly and hold me close,
As you have given me so much my darling,
So much from the moments we have shared,
You are my everything darling,
And I am so glad we are together,
And that now I have a true place to call home.
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