People Don't Always Understand

People don’t always understand,
These emotions,
This bond,
How it could ever be possible,
I always knew something was different about you,
And I knew that I was going to fall for you,
I knew from that first moment,
After that first true conversation,
My world literally turned upside down,
But for once in my life,
The change was just so right,
You came into my life at a perfect moment,
And that moment you said you loved me,
I knew that no matter what else,
Or who else might try to get between,
That a love born from a breathless connection so strong,
Just could never be wrong,
People might not ever truly understand,
Some may even ridicule how we met,
But they just can’t truly see,
Just how perfect we are together,
They might think you are crazy changing your life,
And moving to be with me,
But they just can’t see how perfect we are together,
People don’t always understand,
Sometimes that love can be made through a simple connection,
That blossoms and grows stronger than anything,
That has dealt through trials and waiting,
But I knew that you were the one my darling,
The moment I saw you,
The moment you said you loved me,
The moment we became us,
I knew that no matter what people might think,
What people might say,
What people might try to throw at us,
That we are meant to be my darling,
And soon you will be in my arms my darling,
Where I can finally truly hold you,
And kiss you,
And just be able to be together,
After all these months of waiting and patience,
We will be starting our lives together,
The way it has always been meant to be,
I don’t worry about those others,
All I care about is you and me my darling,
Nothing else matters but our love,
This connection,
This faith and desire we have,
To be together,
And to finally be truly one.
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