Rose Colored Glasses

Rose colored glasses that is what this was,
Rose colored glasses because this was make believe,
I did everything I always said I wouldn’t do,
I became someone different just for you,
I changed my beliefs,
My faith,
My thoughts,
Had fights with those that I loved,
I let myself be brainwashed,
I kept on believing in things never truly seeing,
Rose colored glasses that is what it was,
A lie,
A fable,
It was make believe,
It was all a rouse to make my lie feel it had meaning,
To have happiness,
To have love,
To think I found what I needed,
But oh I was so wrong,
There is no romance,
There is no real love,
There is no connection,
Least not the one you are supposed to have,
You barely look at me,
Or you divert your eyes when I’ve stood bare before you
And when you’ve kissed me there’s no love romance or passion,
All I feel is a burden and a roommate not even a wife,
Really we were probably better as friends than trying to do this,
But perhaps we both had rose colored glasses,
We both only wanted to see what we wanted to see,
But I can’t take any of this anymore,
There is no turning back for me now,
I need to be who I am,
You cannot seem to change,
And it’s better if I walk away,
Shatter these glasses once and for all,
Find the true happiness for me
And hopefully you will find yours,
I’ll be destroying the glasses,
I’m breaking through the chains and binds that held me,
And I’m leaning now to find true happiness,
One that doesn’t require rose colored glasses anymore.
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