Tide Of Love

Baby let me hold onto you,
Let my feelings fall,
Let these emotions just build,
Let everything just keep on going stronger,
I can feel my breathing quicken,
I can feel myself smiling again,
Look into my eyes,
Tell me you can see,
Tell me you can see what you have done to me,
I have felt every fiber of my being change,
Every moment I look into your eyes,
I feel the emotions fall,
I feel everything break away,
I feel myself landing into your soul,
I feel myself falling,
Falling deep,
Falling hard,
Falling into you,
Never stopping,
Never wanting it to end,
Baby let me hold onto you,
Let everything just come,
Let this be,
Let us come together again,
Let everything just sweep away,
Sweep away in this tide,
This tide of love,
Love so true.
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