Clouds Are Only Temporary

Clouds are only temporary,
They only hide the sun for so long,
They might cause rain,
Bringing on hardships,
Bringing on pain,
But it doesn’t last too long,
The sun always finds a way to come out again,
Clouds are only temporary,
They only come for a little while,
Although they can bring hard times,
They remind us to be grateful for the good things,
To remember to enjoy every moment,
To keep living life to the fullest,
To keep on going through it all,
Clouds are only temporary,
They only cover things for so long,
They cannot fully hide what’s inside,
No matter what we do,
Or what we might deny,
Because clouds cannot change what’s in our hearts,
Only we can let the light shine,
And make the change,
Clouds are only temporary,
They only hide the flaws for so long,
Because when the sun shines,
They are exposed,
Just like the sin in our souls,
But we can remember,
And we can rejoice,
In knowing that clouds are only temporary,
That change is coming,
That a new life is to be had,
Because God is in our lives,
And sun can shine even brighter,
And life can be filled with joy,
Because clouds are only temporary,
They only last for so long,
They will fade away,
They will depart from our lives,
The moment we believe,
The moment we trust,
The moment we put our life,
In God’s Hands.


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