Every one of us,
Every single person,
Have things,
Have people,
That count on us,
That lean on us,
That hope for us,
That we feel obligated to,
But we must remember,
We must remind ourselves,
That although we have these obligations,
Those things that is required of each of us,
We got to remember that these things,
Every single one is meant for a blessing,
Meant as something wonderful,
Something beautiful,
Something to give us strength,
Something to remind us,
That we are not alone,
That we have other people,
We are obligations to each other,
We all need love,
Need caring,
Need support,
Need light,
Need truth,
Need wonder,
Need delight,
There are moments we will forget,
And days that we cannot help but remember,
So when you think about all those things,
All those obligations in your life,
Don’t forget,
Always remember,
That there are blessings,
There are rays of sunshine,
Through every single one,
If you look into the depth,
The depth of your heart,
The depth of your soul,
The depth of what is given,
Remember you can make a difference,
Even if it seems small,
And isn’t that what matters?
What matters after all?
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