I Am Pro Love

I am pro love,
I am pro romance,
I am pro emotions,
I am pro joy,
I am pro something to believe in,
Pro showing that you care,
Pro showing that you love,
Want to be with,
Want to hold,
Want to dream of,
Want to believe in,
Want to give your all,
Want to lose yourself so deep,
Want to lose yourself so completely,
I am pro love,
I am pro dreams,
I am pro in believing in more,
I am pro in showing everything you have,
Not holding back,
Not regretting a thing,
Regretting what could have been,
Regretting any what ifs,
Sort of thing,
I am pro love,
I am pro happiness,
I am pro beauty,
I pro believe in something deeper,
Then you could ever believe in before,
Then you could ever hope,
Then you could ever dream,
Then you could ever wish,
I am pro love,
I am pro wishing,
I am pro hoping,
I am pro knowing the depth,
The beauty of it all,
In telling the person,
In showing them every day,
To never stop,
To never end,
To always be,
To always want,
To keep on going,
Through every moment,
Every day,
Every hardship,
Every happiness,
Every moment in between,
I am pro love,
I am pro eternity,
I am pro forever,
In never letting go when you find,
When you find joy,
When you find peace,
When you find happiness,
When you find someone who believes,
Believes in you,
Believes in the two of you,
Believes in everything that matters,
All the in between,
I am pro of us,
Pro of knowing this,
That I love you,
I need you,
Want you always,
So join my ride,
Join me here,
Join me on this pro love,
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