Turn The Page

I love you this much I know,
I want you this much I feel,
I need you this much I see in the depths of my soul,
I want to turn every moment,
Turn every page,
Turn every second,
Turn every minute,
Turn every hour,
Turn every day with you,
I want to close the doors to the past,
Turn away and hold you close,
Turn away and be with you,
You have known me for so long,
Known some of the deepest parts of me,
You love me without hesitation,
You care for me without thinking twice,
Even though you are miles away,
In another state,
In another place,
I know that your feelings for me are strong,
I know that you would hold me close,
You have been with me every step,
You have been with me every moment,
You have been with me through every relationship,
Through the last few years we have known each other online,
I’ve talked to you on the phone,
I have listened to your hopes,
And your dreams,
You have listened to mine,
Listened to every moment,
Through the good and bad,
I care for you,
I love you,
You have become one of my closest friends,
I want to turn that page,
Turn it to more than just that,
But I am afraid,
Because of all else in my life,
I want to be with you,
Even though you are so far,
And I wonder what it would be,
Just you and I,
You are my bright star,
Through this dark moment,
You are my bright hope,
Through these dark days,
And I want you to know,
And I want you to see,
How much I do love you,
How much you mean to me,
Give me that hope,
Give me that peace,
Give me that dream,
Give me something to hold onto,
Give me everything my dear,
Show me everything will be fine,
Help me turn that page,
Close the past door,
And move on to something brighter,
Something better,
Something worth believing in again.
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