What's Wrong

What’s wrong with this picture?
What’s wrong with this thought?
This time?
This place?
What’s wrong with this?
What’s wrong between you and me?
What’s wrong with me?
What can I do?
What can I say?
How can I change it?
I don’t want it to keep going this way,
I don’t want this doubt,
I don’t want those emotions,
I don’t want to feel left out,
I don’t want to feel in the cold,
What’s wrong with this picture?
What’s wrong with this moment?
What’s wrong my darling?
How did this happen?
How did we end up here?
How did we get to this point?
How did I not see it before?
How did I not know this?
I believe it’s not too late,
I believe that we can still change this,
I believe we can turn it around,
But we need to take a moment,
We need to take some time,
We need to work on this,
Something needs to change,
I need to be able to feel it,
Feel love,
And everything in between,
I need a change,
I need something,
I have been patient,
I have been willing,
I have been listening,
Now it is your turn,
Time to show me your love,
Time to show me you care,
Time to show me that there is something,
And that I am not here alone,
We got to change this,
We got to change this now,
I still have belief in us,
I still have that hope,
So we cannot wait any longer,
We cannot wait anymore,
Things need to start changing,
They need to start changing now,
And turn what is wrong,
Into something right,
Before it’s too late.
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