Someday my darling,
Someday my love,
Someday I will hold you,
I will hold you close,
I will hold you tight,
I will show you,
I will show you exactly,
Exactly what you mean to me,
Someday my darling,
Someday you and I,
You and I will be one,
You and I will be forever,
You and I will be the eternity,
The eternity in my heart,
The eternity in my soul,
The eternity in my spirit,
Forever more,
My wonderful darling,
My wonderful love,
I will show you everything,
Everything that is held,
Held in the depth of my heart,
Depth of my soul,
Depth of my being,
I love you my darling,
Love you always,
Love you true,
Love you,
Even when I shouldn’t,
Even when it’s impossible,
Even when it’s just a dream,
Even when it’s just a fantasy,
That paints inside my head,
Paints and lives,
Lives inside of me,
You are in my soul,
And someday my darling,
Someday I know,
Someday I know you will be,
The one to wait for me,
Wait there at the end,
End of that aisle,
Waiting for me to walk,
Walk toward you,
And we will stand there,
Stand there together,
Say those vows,
Commit there,
Say we will stand,
Stand together forever,
Stand forever true,
Stand for all eternity,
Until the end of time,
Someday my love,
I know this to be true,
In the depth of the bottom,
The bottom of my heart,
My soul,
My mind,
My love,
You and me,
Will be one forever,
For eternity.
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