Fourteen Years

You and I have been through so much,
Fourteen years now it has been,
You have stood beside me,
When everyone else was gone,
We have had our ups and downs,
As in any other relationship,
But there you have stood,
Through the thick and thin,
Through the darkness and the light,
Through wrong and the right,
We have both gone through good things,
Bad things,
And everything in between,
Memories we have,
Time we hold,
Moments that will last,
Through this year,
The next year,
And beyond,
I trust you with all my life,
With all my thoughts,
All my dreams,
All my hopes,
Our lives have changed,
In so many ways,
But we are still great friends,
To this day,
I cannot imagine life,
Without you around,
And you are very important in my life,
And even with the changes coming now,
I know I can count on you,
Through thick and thin,
And I know you will stand there,
With me as you have thousands of times before,
As I start my life anew,
Marrying my wonderful Troy,
And being by his side,
But I know you will still be there,
For the both of us,
Because you are that type of friend,
That friendship lasts for a lifetime,
No matter what comes,
Or changes,
And through every part,
Of our lives,
I know you will be there,
As you have shown this through these 14 years,
And I am forever grateful,
That you are my best friend.
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