Please Welcome Us

Time is slowly going,
Moments keep on fading,
Soon it will be that moment,
That all these things have been leading to,
That all these moments have been coming to,
Nothing more will stand in our way,
To that moment,
To that time,
To when the pastor says,
Please welcome Mr. and Mrs. Buffington,
When we get to smile,
As we have been joined together,
And brought together as one,
This journey has been laid before us,
We have been brought together,
God will be our anchor,
We will stand forever,
No matter what they say,
No matter what they might do,
No matter what will go on,
This is what we been waiting for,
I am not going to ever let you go,
This is the moment I have been waiting for,
God will give us both strength and comfort,
Even through the anxious,
And the nerves,
My dreams have been filled,
With you,
Through many years,
Through many years from now,
And this moment,
This moment is just the start,
From many moments,
I welcomed you into my heart,
You gave me to all I needed,
And I knew it than,
As I know it now,
That God had been watching,
And waiting,
And wanted to set us on this path,
My heart beats with you my darling,
And I welcome to be with you,
Be with you for the rest of our lives,
Be with you through everything,
That lies ahead of us now,
I love you my darling,
And the moment is coming soon,
When our pastor says those magical words,
And we start our next part of our life together,
The moment is coming,
The seconds keep on going,
And I am looking forward,
To that day we are joined together,
Joined by those words,
After we say those vows,
Of becoming husband and wife,
And then being welcomed to the world,
As being one,
And I am glad,
That we will be welcomed as such,
Because we are meant to be,
Be together to the end.
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