Little Star

Little star,
Now that I’m older
I know that you are,
The bright shining light,
That shines on through,
Through the darkness,
When all hope seems lost,
When all the darkness seems to engulf,
The light that wants to come through,
Bringing hope that wants to beat through,
Through to the darkness that surrounds,
That surrounds many of us,
Because we want to give up hope,
We want to give up faith,
We want to give up belief,
We want to give up,
Because we are lost,
Lost without hope,
Lost without belief,
Lost without beauty,
Lost without dreams,
Little star,
Now that I’m older,
I know that you are,
Something that is beyond just a dream,
Or rhyme,
You are more than just something,
We think about when one is young,
We look out to the sky,
If the wishes I make now,
Will be any different,
Then I made before,
Knowing I am older,
Been through more,
But even now,
I still sometimes need,
Just to look out,
To those stars,
To think of that little rhyme,
I remember from a child,
That you would state,
Just as you would stare,
Across through the moon,
And the horizon,
And the many other stars,
Little star now that I’m older,
I know that you are,
Still something to still look at,
Through the darkness of the sky,
And thank,
And wonder,
And wish,
And hope,
That you can bring,
The dreams I wish tonight.
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