A Great Idea

A great idea,

Whose time has come,

Is remembering about love,

About remembering commitments made,

About remembering the true beauty of marriage,

About remembering the blessing we hold in our lives,

About even the hardships,

As they only make us stronger,

About the way He knows,

To bring the right one,

Into our lives,

When you focus on His timing,

And not our own,

A great idea,

Whose time has come,

Is remembering about respect,

Respect to one another,

Caring for one another,

Tender kindness to each other,

Being graceful to each other,

And giving forgiveness to one another,

We all have had difficult times,

We all have been through hardship,

We all have made mistakes,

None of us are perfect,

But we can try,

Try to go toward that ideal,

Even in this difficult time,

Remembering to care for one another,

That we all live here on this world,

That there should be no loneliness,

Reach out your hand,

Think before you speak,

Just be there for another,

Sometimes it takes actions,

Not words,

Sometimes it takes a listening ear,

And not someone who just talks,

Just a comfort needed,

Through the darkness,

A light to shine,

Upon a hard cruel world,

A great idea,

Whose time has come,

Is to remember,

That we are to be helpful to one another,

To care for our fellow human beings,

To strive to give a blessing,

To all those that we touch in our lives,

To not be selfish,

To give out of a glad heart,

To bless those that is weary,

And just need something positive,

Just needing a voice,

To speak to them,

As they deal with the hardships,

And reality of life,

To help understand,

And not judge,

And be just there for one another,

A great idea,

Whose time has come,

Is to remember these things,

To keep them alive in each of us,

If we only take the moment,

Forget everything else,

Relate to each other,

As human beings,

And see that there can be communication,

Not a breakdown,

If we take that great idea,

And let it stand.

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