In The Midst Of The Chaos

In the midst of the chaos,

In the depths of these days,

In the depths of when people are so busy,

They do not take the time,

To go to the refuge,

Of being together,

In the oneness they created,

I am glad through it all,

Through whatever is going on,

We take that time to spend together,

In the intimacy that will sustain us,

Through our years of life together,

In this love relationship we are building,

Day by day,

In the midst of the chaos,

In the hardship we are around,

It is always a wonderful experience,

To come into your arms,

To feel that security,

To feel that safety,

To feel that love,

That is deeper than any well,

Nothing can compare to my love,

That I have for you,

Nothing from the past,

Could ever compare,

You are perfect in my eyes,

Every part of your being,

You are my lover,

You are my best friend,

You are someone I count on,

You are someone I trust,

You are someone who takes my concerns,

With great responsibility,

You follow God,

You follow the Bible,

You follow His rule,

And you make it even deeper,

Than one could ever compare,

In the midst of the chaos,

In these days we deal with,

It is a wonderful feeling,

A sense of great comfort,


And security,

That I can come to you,

Hold you close,

And shut out the rest of the world,

Every day with you is amazing,

As this time refreshes,

Builds more,

Gives strength,

To the wonder of us,

Of this us against the world,

On whatever it might bring,

And in the midst of the chaos,

Gives me the hope,

Gives me the belief,

Gives me the knowledge,

That I may never fear,

Of rejection,

Of heartache,

Of unkindness,

As long as I am with you,

And can come to your arms,

Every day.

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