Let's Get Serious

Let’s get serious my darling,

Let’s forget everything else,

Let’s go to our special place,

Where it is only you and I,

Where the world is far away,

And there are no distractions,

Just you and me my love,

Just being together,

Just being in love together,

Just having that oneness,

It seems too long,

The ordinary days are not always dreary,

But now is the perfect time,

To get serious,

Let’s get serious my love,

My sugar,

My honey,

I want to have a few moments,

When it’s just you and I,

Without thinking about time,

Or having to do this,

Or doing that,

Worrying about this thing,

Or that thing,

Let’s forget about all of that,

And let’s get serious,

Let’s just spend some time with each other,

Come together in our refuge,

Take some moment to be,


Husband and wife together,

As one flesh,

Getting to know each other,

Through all the intimacy God provides,

Give each other those precious moments,

That the world cannot ever take away,

To build love even more into our love,

Our marriage,

Our togetherness,

Let’s get serious my darling,

Do not make haste,

Let’s come together my love,

My forever,

My wonderful musky lover,

And be as one,

In those moments,

That we will cherish,

From this time forth.

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