Being Proactive

We could always wait until tomorrow,

We could always try another day,

We could keep on living this way,

We could keep on feeling,

That nothing we do will change,

We can continue to procrastinate,

Until our very last day,

But if we keep on going,

If we keep on this path,

What we think could wait tomorrow,

Won’t ever come to pass,

We need to give our life,

To the practice of this,

Instead of waiting for tomorrow,

Instead of trying for another day,

We need to keep living another different way,

In a way where we are proactive,

In that we do not wait,

To show that we love each other,

Why wait?

Why wait when you never know,

What can happen next,

We shouldn’t wait until tomorrow,

Or try another day,

We never know how much time we have,

Or the last time we will see another,

Say I love you every day,

Say I need you every moment,

Say I am sorry even when you hurt,

Say I forgive you,

Even when you still hurt,

Be proactive in your approach,

Do not let the moment waste,

Do not let the moment go by,

Always give of yourself,

Fully every day,

And even through the hardships,

The trials,

And tribulations,

Give something one more try,

You never know until you do,

Do not just wait for a perfect moment,

The perfect moment is now,

So be proactive,

Take that moment,

Take that chance,

Size the day,

Do not let another moment go by,

Do not let another moment go waste,

Tell those stories,

Give that hope,

Tell someone you care,

Tell someone you love them,

Forgive an old friend,

Let the past go,

And live,

And be proactive,

And have no regrets.

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