Snow White And Her Prince

Snow White and Her Prince,

Is living in happily wedded bliss,

Is a true love story about two,

Who has become one,

And loves each other more,

And more every day,

She enjoys written stories,

And poems about their love,

And he takes pictures,

Of the happiness of their lives,

Creating a fairy tale ending,

Every single day,

Just being in love,

And belonging to each other,

Being there through everything,

Being the one the other can count on,

Being the one the other can believe in,

Feel wonderful with,

And feel secure,


And loved every day,

Snow White and Her Prince,

Can be found in wedded bliss,

Even if they are not the true fairy tale characters,

They love each other with a love,

That sometimes seems to be only in dreams,

And fairy tales,

Oh but how they are wrong,

Because happily ever after can come true,

If you hold on together,

Belong to each other,

Put each other first,

And grow the love,

By giving it all they have,

Snow White and Her Prince,

Are happy in this wedded bliss,

Have found a dream to come true,

Even with the trails,

And tribulations of life,

And they will always be there for each other,

To the rest of their lives,

And Snow White and Her Prince,

Will forever live in wedded bliss,

And will belong to each other to the end,

Because even if this is no fairytale land,

They have chosen to belong to each other,

Believe in each other,

Listen to each other,

For the rest of their lives.

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