In The Field Of Wildflowers

In the field of wildflowers,

In where the flowers bloom,

There we stand there leisurely,

As we look across the way,

We grab each other’s hand,

As we embrace there in the nature,

Among the purple,





And many other colors,

As they stretch across the field,

In the field of wildflowers,

We can enjoy,


Just be,

Just like we have no worry about tomorrow,

Or no worry about anything,

But this moment,

But this time we have here,

Beautiful flowers,

Nature’s colorful palette,

Something so simple,

So unique,

Just lovely beautiful flowers,

In this field we have stumbled upon,

In the field of wildflowers,

I come to love you even more,

Just another moment,

Of many,

That we can share,

And be one together,

Oh how I long to be with you my darling!

In this coldness of the night!

How I rather be in the field of wildflowers,

That is warmed by our love,

And our light.

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