Broken People Need Hope

Broken people all around,

Broken people can always be found,

Broken from so many things,



Have lost the way,

All hoping for a hope,

That lies in their hearts,

A hope that someone could fill,

If only someone took a notice,

Took a moment,

And look inside,

To stop worrying always about ourselves,

Even through the hardships,

And tribulations,

We can find something common,

With them,

And share something to heal their hearts,

Their souls,

Their minds,

Forever more,

Help lead them to peace,

That cannot be measured,

A peace that only they can find,

When given the true hope,

That they need in their lives,

Broken people are all around,

All you need is to look,

And they can be found,

So much hurt in this world,

Are we going to try?

Or are we going to be afraid?

Difficulties are ahead,

For many of us,

All of our lives have hardships,

And valleys,

But there is a way to keep on hoping,

By giving your faith to Him,

By asking for His strength when you are weary,

And when you feel you cannot stand,

And when you feel the frustrations of life,

And you feel no one else can understand,

That is the best moment to seek Him,

Broken people need this hope,

Need it to the depth of their souls,

Need it even if they cannot cry out,

Because they do not know the words,

He is there for them all,

If we just reach out,

And bow the knee,

And find the hope,

The peace,

You have been craving for,

Broken people need hope,

It is within all of us,

We look so long,

So hard,

Because we all need this hope,

The hope that helps makes us whole,

And helps us that are broken,

And be able to stand,

In sunlight again.

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