Finding The Unexpected Love

In this day sometimes it just seems,

It is so hard,

So unexpected,

To find the love that we desire,

The love that we care,

The love that rides within the depth,

The depth of our hearts,

We all have that secret wish,

That secret desire,

To find someone who loves us,

And loves us for ourselves,

Loves us unconditionally,

Loves us with everything they have,

We search,

And we search,

High and low,

Near and far,

To the corners of the world it seems,

To find that one hope,

The hope we want to believe in,

We want to believe in fairy tales,

In a happily ever after,

We might not speak the words,

Or admit it out loud,

But we all want it,

Even if it is something we least expect,

And then every once in awhile,

We find that thing we least expect,

That love that we truly desire,

Within the depths of our hearts,

And in our minds,

We reach toward that unexpected love,

With hope,




And faith,

Hoping that this is true,

That this is real,

That this is indeed what we have been searching for,

We hold on tight,

Say every single word we can,

To show the emotions,

That they can only understand,

To give us the wonderful feeling,

Of being in love,

And in oneness,

Of joy,

Of beauty,

Of everything we cannot always put words to,

Or speak,

They just know,

That they are the answer,

To finding that unexpected love,

We have been waiting for,

For so long.

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