Kindness In Our Lives

We all need kindness in this life,

A smile,

A nod,

A hug,

A nice conversation,

Someone who puts an interest in our life,

Someone we can talk to,

Someone we can lean on,

Someone we can believe in,

Someone we can rely on,

Through those dark days in the world,

We all need kindness in our life,

Kindness that is genuine,

That touches the very depth of your soul,

That touches every inch of your life,

That touches every inch of your heart,

To the very beauty that encompasses,

Each and every one of us,

We all have it in our hearts,

In our hearts to truly give,

We all need kindness in each other,

Kindness that radiates within,

If only we give a moment,

If only we give to each other,

Through the very end,

We will see it will fill each other,

And fill within us,

Because we all get something,

If only we give,

Give some kindness,

To another,

Give that kindness to everyone we meet,

Within our lives.

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