Two have become one,

Love has grown in this oneness,

Two hearts have grown together,

Bind together with those vows,

Brought together by God,

Brought together in love,

In harmony,

In beauty,

In forever,

In this beautiful lovely moment,

Two hearts have become one,

Two dreams have melded together,

Two joys are now shared,

Two people who are meant for each other,

Now forever entwined together,

This forever,

This eternity,

This dream,

Is now whole,

Is now complete,

Is now full,

Two have become one,

As it was commanded,

It is now done,

Two people who love each other,

Meant for one another,

Meant to be for eternity,



The beauty of a combining,

Of love put together by Him,

That oneness of forever,

Until the end.

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