1 AM

Silence fills the room,
I am left to my thoughts,
My guy is at work,
And my mind is racing again,
Words that need to fill the page,
Words that need to encourage,
Words that find a way home,
A way home from where I am,
Whisper so softly,
As they speak to me now,
Missing him like crazy,
Another moment passes,
The love speaks again,
As the clock ticks,
Time seems to be going quickly,
Trying to slow it down,
Excited but patient,
Patient for the change that is coming round,
Listening to the words as they speak,
As they call to my name,
Lacing through,
Drawing near,
Speaking once again,
And the silence fills the room,
Thoughts are speeding like light,
Words speeding like sound,
Wishing he was here,
Wishing I was there,
Wishing we were together,
And the clock ticks,
The words sound,
And I weave the words,
Onto the page again.
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