There Is Only One You

There is only one you,
Only one man that sets my heart,
My soul,
My mind,
My dreams,
On fire,
There is only one you,
The one that gave me something,
Showed me everything,
Believes in us,
Takes care of us,
Wants nothing more than the best,
The best for the both of us,
To keep on loving,
To keep on growing,
To keep on believing,
To keep on trusting,
There is only one you,
The one that my heart belongs to,
The one that my heart sings to,
The one that I look into with my eyes,
With my heart,
With my soul,
With everything that I have,
I love you my darling,
I love you with everything,
Every part of who I am,
You are the one I needed,
You are my heart’s desire,
You are my forever,
You are my eternity,
You mean the world to me,
And know that these words,
This heart,
This love of mine,
Belongs to you,
To you alone,
Because you are the only one,
The only one of you.
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