Twenty Seven Roses

Twenty seven roses,
Stems touch,
Hold forever,
Symbol of True Love,
If White,
Symbol of friendship,
If Yellow,
Symbol of this emotion,
Symbol of that emotion,
Ever changing,
Ever wielding,
Ever fading,
To the next day,
Twenty seven roses,
Placed near me,
Open as I am,
Open as my heart is,
As the smell caresses the air,
Twenty seven roses,
Lay there beside me,
Reminding me,
Caressing me,
Of a moment,
Of a dream,
Of a love,
Deeper than any I’ve ever experienced,
Ever thought of,
Ever conceived of,
Ever imagined,
Ever dreamed,
You are my everything,
My very breathe,
My very soul,
My very moment shining,
Ever so strong,
Twenty seven roses,
Each one representing,
Something within our hearts,
Something within our souls,
Something deeper than the outside,
Something more than just a number,
Just something that is out there,
It holds onto the truth,
Of that love,
And it blooms,
As they rest,
As they intertwine,
As they hold,
Forever to our light.
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