Things Valued In Life

Being with you,
Being with my friends,
Being loved,
Being blessed,
Having joy in my heart,
Even through the dark grey clouds,
Having faith,
Knowing Him,
All of these are things I value,
Value most in my life,
Being a good friend,
Standing there beside those,
That stands beside me,
Holding onto those things,
That is not always seen,
But felt inside one’s heart,
Felt inside one’s soul,
Reaches in,
Holds on tight,
And never let’s go,
That claims the very part,
Of the depth of your heart,
And shakes you up,
Gives you a moment,
And helps you find a way,
To something even better,
Than what you could ever imagine,
In your dreams,
And that these things,
Is something to hold onto,
Is something to believe in,
Is something to keep strong to,
Because love,
People you care about,
People who are hurting,
These things are what matters,
Not the material things in this world,
Not the material things we get caught on,
We need to look deep,
Deep into our actual soul,
Stop trying to one up,
Those around us,
But instead give our time,
Our hearts,
Our voice,
Our thoughts,
To something bigger than us,
And see that these things are more important,
That these are true things of value,
In our lives.
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