The Colors In My Heart

The colors in my heart,
They play a part,
In what comes to be,
They show a story,
That cannot be hidden,
From your view,
You seek deep within,
You seek,
You search,
You quest,
You come to me to conquer,
But you do not need to try,
Try too hard to look,
Or to see,
Because these colors of my heart,
They are a part of you,
Not just me,
When you look deep inside,
When you look into the view,
You will see that you,
You are within me,
The sunshine orange,
The yellow warmth,
The red love,
That shines through,
Beauty beheld,
By one’s love,
The colors in my heart,
They tell a part,
Of our story,
Of our love,
Of our being,
Of this beauty,
Of this forever,
We will stand there,
Hold each other close,
As the sun shines upon us,
Blessing us,
Blessing our union,
Blessing our ones,
Blessing every part of us,
The colors in your heart,
Help tell a part,
Of this story,
Of us,
Of the warmth,
Of the ever glow,
From every day,
From every moment,
From every part of our dreams,
It plays,
It shines,
It glows,
It shows within our faces,
Our hopes,
Our dreams,
Our spirits,
Our love,
To this world,
That needs this hope,
This beauty,
This wonder,
Of these colors,
Of these colors in our hearts.
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