Eye Of A Phoenix

Eye of a phoenix,
Reborn from ashes,
Light brighter than darkness,
Storms vanished by one touch,
The mountains embrace the light,
Embrace the colors,
That leak on through,
The water bows to the depth,
Of the phenomenon that is coming,
Eye of a phoenix,
Beauty beheld,
The clouds fade away,
As the phoenix renews,
Gives birth to a brand new moment,
A brand new day coming,
The water turns silent,
Everything takes a breathe,
And everything breathes,
As the phoenix eye watches,
As the light starts to fade,
Darkness will come,
But hope is still there,
Hope is still in the depth,
Of the turning of the day,
Darkness is only temporary,
The eye of the phoenix,
Will bring the light again,
The light starts to slip,
Away from view,
And the world pauses,
To behold,
To breathe,
To believe,
To hope,
To dream,
That the light will always return,
Just as the phoenix comes again,
From the ashes,
Of what it once was,
To be born again,
To live again,
To come another day.
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