So many words for one emotion,
For one thing that causes so much pain,
The sun is going down,
The sun is going down on me,
Is there still hope?
Is there still love?
Is there still a belief?
Is there still something?
Something to hold onto?
The darkness is coming,
The light is fading,
I do not want to be taken,
Do not want to be taken in,
Taken away from this,
This life,
This love,
This dream,
Do not go!
I beg of you!
Turn away from that path,
Do not disappear into the night,
Into the past,
Into a moment where I cannot find you,
Do not disappear as the sun disappears,
From our view every day,
Of our lives,
You are fading from view,
I cannot let this come to pass,
Come back,
Come back to me,
Do not disappear,
Do not fade from my view,
Do not leave,
Because I love you,
I need you,
I must still be with you.
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