Your silhouette speaks to me,
From the shadow of the sun,
I watch you carefully,
As you look to the orange sky,
I watch the outline as you blend in,
With the trees,
The rocks,
The plants,
Everything that is around,
As the yellow hits the sky,
The water sparkles,
And your silhouette sways,
And you turn to look at me,
The black shadow of your frame,
Disappears from view,
And you take me into your arms,
Hold me close to you,
Close enough for me to hear,
To hear your heart beat,
And race with mine,
The light sparkles again,
As both of our shadows speak,
Speak to each other,
As the shadows form with the rest,
Your silhouette speaks to me,
And becomes one with me,
As we stand there together,
With the sun coming down,
Beauty surrounds us,
As we embrace each other,
The yellow light strikes the sky,
The sun warms on our skin,
And we mold together,
Becoming one silhouette,
Casting its shadow,
Along the trees,
Becoming one with them,
As the sun sets lower,
And the sky changes,
And our image fades,
But we will still be found there,
Holding together,
Holding fast,
And if the light of the moonlight,
Hits just right,
You will see the silhouette,
Of lifetime lovers,
In a forever embrace,
In that moment,
And all the moments to come.
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