I Need You My Darling

I need you my darling,
I need you now,
I feel the electricity flowing,
My body is turning hot,
The energy pulses through my veins,
My heart is racing,
My body is aching,
I need you my darling,
I need you now,
Every moment I spend with you,
Deepens this feeling,
Day by day,
Every time I can hold you,
Every time I can caress you,
Every time I need that touch,
I come to you my darling,
Because you are the one I love,
The one I care for,
The one I believe in,
The one that has made all my dreams come true,
The one that will make all other dreams,
Become reality,
And those that I cannot even fathom
To the deepest corners of my mind,
I need you my darling,
I need you this moment,
I need to feel that touch,
Feel your caress,
Feel your hands on me,
Holding me close,
Holding me tight,
Making everything else disappear,
You are my everything,
You are my happily ever after,
Nothing else can truly compare,
I think of you with happiness,
With gratefulness,
With joy,
With a song in my heart,
And in my soul,
I need you my darling,
With every part that I am,
Love you with every love,
That can exist in this world,
I thought I had been in this place,
This place where I am now,
But no,
You are the true one,
The one I had been waiting for,
Happiness is stronger,
Than it could have ever been,
Happiness is deeper,
Than the deepest thought in my heart,
In my soul,
This I give you my darling,
My whole being is yours,
I give you myself freely,
Without anything attached,
Because I need you my darling,
You are the only one,
That can fully be in tuned,
With my heart.
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