Gather Up

We should gather up together these things in our life,

Good memories,

Beautiful dreams,

Lovely words that can mean the world,

Encouraging sentences,

Edifying moments,

Happiness that overflows,

Times that should matter,

Focus on others,

Give rather than receive,

Dream and hope,

Believe and take a stand,

We should get rid of those things,

That does no good in our lives,

Hurtful words,

Deeds that have no meaning,

Putting other people down,

Praising ourselves instead of others,

Giving our own glories instead of Him,

Sending out judgments instead of gaining knowledge,

Spending too much time on matters that do not matter,

Instead of relying on the grace given to us,

There are things in this life we should gather,

Gather up the Word of God,

Gather up the joy of life,

Gather up the love around us everywhere,

Gather up the hope that we can all share,

Remembering that we have many blessings,

Blessings to rejoice,

Blessings to praise,

Blessings to remember,

Through all the moments of our days,

So let go the hurts in your life,

Put away the sorrow and the pain,

And gather up the life you can have,

When you gather up the love,

Share the love with every person,

Share the love with every one you meet,

Share the moments from each day,

And gather up the hope,

To the very end.

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