Traveling With You

With you by my side I travel,

Through the depths of this world,

I can seek the highest mountains,

And the lowest plains,

I feel the breathe of the wind,

With you as my guide,

As you hold me,

And guide me through every step of the way,

Who needs a car?

Who needs an airplane?

Who needs a boar?

When all you need is the love shared,

By two who are meant to be?

Travel many distances,

Through the dreams we share,

Through the conversations,

Through the moments built,

In the simple life of love,

With you by my side I travel,

Through the hardships of this world,

Safe and sound,

Even in the desperation of life,

And the moments of hardship,

I know you travel through this life,

By my side,

Holding me close,

Always being there for me,

I travel with you,

I travel with you my darling,

To every place there is,

To every moment in our life,

With you by my side,

You are my anchor,

You are my rock,

You are my everything,

I rather be with you at home,

Than anywhere else,

So even if I cannot see the world,

The places around within the earth,

I see the world in your eyes,

The love that shines every day,

Forever and for eternity.

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