The Price of Bullying

They hide behind fake smiles,

They hide behind fake emotions,

They hide behind the walls that they erect,

Just to get by day by day,

They will pretend anything and everything,

Just so it isn’t revealed to the outside,

The hurt that they feel in the inside,

The pain that they secretly hide,

The tears that they shed when they are alone,

When they know that no one is watching,

That burn through the night,

Because of the hurt that is caused day by day,

This is the life of those who are bullied,

Ones who are caused hurt every day,

Those that just want to have a normal life,

To go to school,

To have friends,

To do school work,

And to walk in life without worry,

To go through each day,

Without wondering if they will be hurt again,

This wish they feel they could reveal,

What lies within their hearts and souls,

And that with the words the hurt would stop,

But each one is afraid,

Afraid it will just get worse,

So they continue to deal with the pain,

Every single hurtful day,

And they hide behind the fake smiles,

And the fake emotions,

And the fake laughter,

They pretend to everyone around,

That everything is fine,

But instead they feel they are dying within,

Because of the hurt being afflicted every day,

When will we wake up?

When will we realize?

When will we see the silent call out?

To see that we need to reveal,

What is going on all around us?

What might be even going on within our own homes?

What might be going on from someone we know?

Or someone we care about,

It is time to take back,

Take back the hurt from our children,

Take back the hurt being afflicted by people we know,

Take a stand,

Stand for what is right,

Give comfort to the silent hurting,

Give comfort to those silent in pain,

Time to let it be revealed this pain,

This hurt,

This torture plaguing our children,

Our friends,

Our neighbors,

Our lives,

It is time to put an end to the hurt,

From this moment forward,

And stop the bullying toward others.

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