Before My Time

There are days that I wonder,
There are times I imagine,
Just how the life was,
Before I was born,
Before I came to being,
Was my father a better man?
Was he more kind before he knew I was to be?
Was he just scared because he was young?
And he didn’t know what to expect at that age?
What was the romance like?
Between my mom and my father?
What did she truly see in him?
What truly did the full winning of her heart?
What made them say I do?
What made it fully break?
Before I was even two?
So many questions that were left unanswered,
So many questions I will never know,
So many questions that will go unsaid,
There are days that I may wonder,
There are times that I imagine,
I wonder what life was like,
Wonder what my grandfather was like on my dad’s side,
How his kindness showed when my dad was a jerk,
How much my dad’s family cared even though my mom lost contact,
Would they accept me now many years since that last contact?
Would they even remember me?
Would they care?
There was such a history of lives before my life,
Lives that I do not know,
Since those moments,
Lives that are going on now,
Lives that do not know me,
Lives that might know I care about,
What happened before my time.
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