Those Considered Unlucky

Some might consider those with sickness unlucky,
Some might consider them scared for life,
Some might consider them ones that cannot truly live,
Because all they deal with are struggles,
And endless strife,
But they do not see the true beauty,
Or the encouraging that one person can give,
What one sees as unlucky,
I see as someone who is encouraging,
Someone who is strong,
Someone who is a fighter,
Someone who might have a burden,
But still sees the beauty of life,
Is someone who keeps on going,
Despite what life has dealt to them,
Because that person believes,
With every fiber of their being,
That they have something worth striving for,
They have something worth living for,
They have something they believe can be more,
They remember the promise,
That God is with them,
No matter the trials and challenges of life,
Through the good times and the bad,
Through the heartaches and the hurt,
And that even if they are not healed now,
That they will be healed in His perfect timing,
So they hold onto that hope,
Believe into that faith,
And don’t consider they unlucky,
But realize that they are lucky,
That they were chosen,
To be tested,
To bear a burden,
To become more Christ like,
To continue to depend on Him,
And to always remember,
That He will be there,
With His arms wide open,
And that there is no one unlucky,
When someone knows Him.
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