Life as a Tree

In our lives we start as a sapling,
Just a small little tree with barely even roots,
We have no knowledge,
We have no morals implanted into us,
We have no beliefs,
We have no pain,
We have no hurts,
We have no knowing of right or wrong,
We follow in whatever is taught to us,
Not knowing any difference,
Not knowing if we should do anything else,
Than we start to grow,
We start having responsibilities even if they are small,
The ones that care for us,
The ones that raise us,
The ones that believe in us,
Or the ones that might disappoint us,
Start molding us,
Start shaping us,
Starting growing us into what we become,
Than we start to grow more,
As we start to grow older,
We start slowly making more of our own decisions,
Starting to have more of our own responsibilities,
Starting to grow more as a tree,
During this stage we can keep to our parent’s guidance,
Or we can seek our own,
But if we need to seek better guidance,
We can strike to a better tomorrow,
We start believing in either ourselves,
Or we believe in nothing,
We start believing in a faith of something more,
Or we lose all that we have worked hard for,
We reach out to the sun,
As we grow more maturing as the days seem to go faster,
We start becoming mature trees,
And we start having our own saplings,
And we start the process of our own,
Nurturing them,
Loving them,
Encouraging them,
Guiding them,
Believing in them,
Growing them,
Giving them,
What we either had in abundance,
Or giving them what we did not,
Believing we can change our next generation,
And the trees become a forest,
As the family grows stronger,
Or they become weaker,
And they never grow at all.
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