The Rain of Spring

Clouds forming in the sky,
As the rain starts to fall,
A drop splashes down to the grown,
Nourishing the plants,
Providing life,
Giving life to the animals,
Giving life to us,
The air smells cleaner than it has in awhile,
I can feel as if I could actually breathe,
Before the disease of asthma,
Took residence into my lungs,
The rain starts falling a bit harder now,
As it happens always this time of the year,
It is spring,
The flowers are blooming,
The trees are getting the green,
The grass becomes green again,
The rain of spring comes harder again,
So many people may complain,
But I welcome the wet water,
As it falls to the earth,
Forming into streams into the ground,
The clouds maybe grey,
The darkness maybe all around,
But the water,
The feeling,
The smell,
The sound,
It all feels like home,
It is home,
The rain of spring reminds me,
Of how blessed I am,
To live where I am,
And to know that the beauty around me,
Is supported by the rain,
That comes to the land.
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