The Morning

The gentle dew drops from the flower,
And drops down from the grass,
The yellow light shines down to the earth,
Warming the grass,
The birds wake from their sleep,
As the day begins,
With their song,
The hustle and bustle of traffic is going,
For those going to work in the day,
There are those already awake,
For the night and early day are their time,
And they are awake to greet the morning,
It is these moments that are so simple,
Yet so true,
That we often take for granted,
And sometimes do not take to enjoy,
The simple moment of the beauty of the sunshine,
The simple moment of the rain that might fall onto the earth,
Instead of complaining about the weather,
Or about what is going on in our lives,
Why can’t we just take a moment?
Live in this moment?
Appreciate all that we have?
And truly enjoy
The lovely morning,
Rather there is sun shining down on us,
Or rain falling around us,
And remembering that we are blessed,
Blessed to still be alive,
To see the morning,
And to enjoy the moments we have,
No matter what the morning,
Or evening,
Or overall day,
Brings us.
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