No Longer Will

Sometimes I still struggle with the life I had with you,
Sometimes I still have hard times,
Because of all we had been through,
My life is so different now,
My life is so much better,
But still the memories can be there,
Many years after the time,
But the memories are finally healing now,
Because I have been able to forgive myself,
From my part of the relationship,
And although I know I will never get an apology,
From what was caused by you,
I keep on going anyways,
Because I know what my future is,
No longer will your memories haunt me,
No longer will your memories make me cry,
No longer will your memories stop me,
No longer will your memories cause me pain,
No longer will you be a part of what is me,
Sometimes I have struggled in my life,
Sometimes I have had hard times,
But I am putting it in my past fully,
I am putting it into my yesterdays,
My life is moving forward,
Even without your apologies,
For all that you have caused,
And all the hurt you gave,
And all the pain you sold,
And all the moments that burned my mind,
I know the apologies will never be there,
But it no longer matters,
Because I am not that person anymore,
I am happier,
I no longer need you,
I no longer need to search for you like before,
When I wanted you back in my life the last time,
When you caused me pain,
This time it is different,
I am with Him,
And he has made my life better,
Loves me for who I am,
And wants to be with me,
Wants to make a family with me,
Considers being me with home,
And I no longer need your apology,
Because I no longer need you.
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