Are We Heading To Doomsday

Are we heading to doomsday?
Are we letting our lives just pass away?
Are we letting our moments matter?
Are we giving everything we have to each and every day?
When will we use our passion for what is right?
Instead of using it for what is wrong?
When are we going to see how many people are counting,
On those of us that are called?
There is never a promise of tomorrow,
Our days are few in comparison,
We live our lives,
We make plans for the future,
We make plans for our dreams,
We make plans for all the tomorrows,
But do we make the plan for eternity?
One day we will give an account,
When it comes to the end,
One day we will give our story,
And will say if we helped those around us,
Did we give our testimony?
Did we give God a chance to work in people’s hearts?
Did we stand up for what is right in the world?
Or did we back down when we felt we had enough?
Are we heading to doomsday?
Are we heading to the depths of being without God?
What are you doing with your life?
What are you doing for His Glory?
What are you doing?
Do you stand for the light?
Do you stand for Him?
Do you take the risks?
Risk everything that you have for His Word?
Do you risk friendships?
Do you follow His Will?
Are you obedient to Him?
Or are you heading to doomsday?
To the very end without Him?
Is it better to follow what matters in this world?
Or do you remember Him and know all your needs can be meet,
As long as you continue to follow Him with all your heart,
All your soul,
Your entire mind,
With every moment that you can?
Or do you follow what matters in this world?
Money and riches,
Status and prestige,
And other things that don’t last,
Or truly matter at the end of the day,
Where are you heading?
Are you heading to the eternity of heaven?
Are you heading to the everlasting love of God?
Are you heading to keep to the light?
Or is your road leading to destruction?
Leading you away from everything important?
Can you not see there are only two paths?
One is to the love of the Lord following His loving way,
And one is to the destruction and pain,
The one going toward doomsday.
Make your choice now,
Follow Him,
Follow His Word,
Follow His Commandments,
You will not regret it,
Because when you feel the true peace He brings,
You will know you have chosen wisely,
Because you can have the true hope that only salvation can bring.
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