The net is up and the sun is bright,
The team is ready to spike and serve,
The ball goes back and forth among the two teams,
There is encouragement remarks shooting back and forth,
Between each team,
Points are made on each side,
The scores are close as time goes on,
The sun is beating down,
Everyone is getting hot,
But no one seems to pay attention,
Although the game is for fun,
The once a year tournament still means a lot,
To those that are playing,
They can be competitive,
Although good players,
Sunburns are plenty,
By the time the rounds are over,
But joy and fun was had,
On the day of independence,
When the nets are up and the sun is bright,
When the teams play,
And the sound of good game is heard,
Another tournament is over,
Until the next year,
When it will be time for the yearly tournament,
At the church where I come to enjoy and love,
Because even though volleyball is wonderful fun,
The people and friends you make,
Through the activities is even better,
Than all the volleyball games in the world.
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