The Bald Eagle

Flying above the clouds,
Flying in the sky,
Expanding their wings looking for prey,
They are magnificent if you have ever seen,
They stand for freedom,
Even though their numbers are few,
They still soar above,
With their white heads that crown them,
The strength that they portray every day,
The freedom they represent in the United States,
Living in the tops of mountains,
Living where no one can harm,
He alone through many years of conspiracy,
And through many years of hardship,
Will forever be seen as the symbol of power and authority,
But the numbers of them are dwindling,
The future might not be too bright,
But the bald eagle will still continue,
To fly above the clouds,
Fly in the sky,
Expanding their wings and soaring,
Showing their magnificent ways even now,
Because they will continue,
They will show the strength,
The strength we could admire,
As they continue flying above the clouds.
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