He's Been Gone

He’s been gone,
He’s been gone out of my life too long,
I think about him many moments,
Outside I pretend everything is fine,
That all is okay without him,
But he had been there for so many things,
He’s been the one that kept me going,
When I wanted to give up,
He’s been the one that was my strength,
Before I could find my own by myself,
We shared many memories,
So many people we had known,
That had gone from our lives,
But we were still standing tall,
But now he’s gone,
And when he’s gone it is difficult,
I have my wonderful husband,
And he is my everything,
But I still feel like a part of me is missing,
That a part of me is gone somewhere else,
I can still picture his face,
And remember his laugh,
And how his smile seemed to go for miles,
But he’s been gone,
He’s been gone out of my life,
And although I do not break down and cry,
Every time I think of him,
He still encompasses my thoughts,
And is in my memories,
Because he was someone I could count on,
For so many things for so long,
But I keep on going without him,
And I wish for him love and peace,
And everything that a best friend could wish,
Even if he is gone,
And when he is gone from my life,
I still wish for him many things,
Every single day,
And I pray for him,
As each day passes,
And keep believing,
Through everything that although he’s gone,
That someday some way,
We will be friends again,
As it has been in the past,
And that all will be forgiven and forgotten,
And we can pick up where we were,
Before he left my life.
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