Mi Amor (My Love)

You are my love,
You are my everlasting,
You are my dream come true,
You are my forever,
You are my everything,
You are what I dream about,
You are what I believe in,
You are what make my heart skip a beat,
Every moment of every day,
I shudder whenever I am near you,
My breathe quickens,
My eyes cannot let you go,
You are my fantasy come true,
Every waking moment I spend with you,
Just depends it even more,
You are my love,
You are my husband,
You are my best friend,
You are the brightest happiness,
I believe in the impossible,
I believe in all the dreams that come to my mind,
I believe in every single hope that there could be,
I never want to be without you,
You are my love,
You are my everlasting,
You are my reason I believe,
That I believe in true love,
As I thought I had lost the feeling and faith,
But you have brought them back,
And every day I look into your eyes,
That feeling,
That faith,
That love,
Just keeps on growing stronger,
I love you my darling,
You are my everlasting love,
And I cannot think of anyone else,
I rather be with than you mi amor.
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