My Rings

It wraps around my finger,
It is a never ending circle,
It has no beginning and no end,
It goes around forever,
I wear two of these circles,
One on my left and the other on my right,
One whispers the words that are near and dear,
To the deepest part of my heart,
It reminds me of that promise,
The promise he made when he asked me to be his wife,
And the one he reinforced when he married me,
It is the bond that holds together,
Even without the circles,
The words would still be etched in my mind,
The love that flows ever deep,
The love that over flows,
The love that reaches every portion of my heart,
The love that exposes all the joy I could ever feel,
The love that encompasses my full being,
Love everlasting,
These words echo deeply in my mind,
Throughout every moment of every day,
Through the love I feel every moment,
Through the good times,
Through the rough times,
Through the challenges,
Through the triumphs,
Love everlasting,
Ever reaching,
Ever strengthening,
Ever believing,
Ever hoping,
Ever growing,
It wraps around my finger,
This ring with these words,
The words that echo every day,
The words that bloom,
The words that uphold every day,
They give me the reminder,
Even if I could not see them,
I know they are there,
And I know the emotions are there,
And I know the love is there,
Ever strong,
Ever beating,
Ever singing,
Through this circle,
This circle on my finger,
The circle that encompasses my heart,
Round and round,
Forever and eternity.
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