How To Build A Dream

Building a dream is never easy,
Building a path to your life is never easy,
Building while others try to knock you down,
Building while you don’t want to believe anymore,
Oh, how does one truly build a dream?
Do you shape it with starlight?
Do you round it with peace?
Do you give every bit of love you can?
Do you sacrifice time and hours?
Do you give up other goals in life?
How do you build a dream?
How do you keep it going when life gets rough?
How do you keep it going through life’s challenges?
It isn’t easy to build a dream,
Something that you wish for deep in your heart,
And there are times dreams disappoint,
There are times dreams go beyond what you were wishing,
And there are times when God tells you no,
And you are heartbroken wondering what next,
How do you build a dream?
How do you explain your passion?
How do you keep going no matter what?
How do you face the hardships and the good times?
The in-between times and the days longer than most,
The times you hold your breath,
And the times you breathe easy,
And the times finances seem like a dream,
And the moments when it doesn’t seem to matter,
Building a dream takes courage,
Building a dream takes vision,
Building a dream takes strength,
Building a dream takes prayer,
And building a dream can give you much,
Even if you gain little,
And when you come to the end of it all,
And you succeed or fail,
Will you tell someone it was still worth it?
To build that dream through every obstacle,
Through every hardship,
Through every moment,
Because the end rather good or ill,
Still gives you satisfaction because you tried,
You tried building a dream.
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