Stuck With You

It’s freezing outside,
The cold starts to drift inside,
Let us hold onto each other tonight,
Let us glance at each other,
If the cold brings snow let it,
If the cold takes away the power for a while let it,
If candles have to light our way,
Let those lights warm us,
As we hold each other close,
Nothing is better than this,
Even being stuck in this place,
As long as I am with you,
The weather can warm up,
The snow could melt,
The day could end,
Time could seem fast or slow,
It really doesn’t matter,
Every moment like this,
This moment of just us,
Looking into each other’s eyes,
I know the truth in the depth of my bones,
And the depth of my soul,
And the depth of my heart,
I never feel stuck when it is you and me,
I never feel lonely when you are by my side,
I feel I can be who I am,
And I feel the love you have for me,
And your smile keeps me going,
And your dreams keep me smiling,
And your love keeps me believing,
Let the cold outside be what it is,
May the weather continue on,
I don’t want to be anywhere else,
All I want to be is here,
Happily stuck,
Holding you close to me,
And letting the moments come,
Letting the time tick,
Letting everything else go,
Just focusing on you and me,
Never caring about anything else,
Because you are by my side.
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